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Child Care Services Association (CCSA) recognizes that in order to  improve an early care and education (ECE) system, comprehensive  accurate data which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the  system must first be collected. Therefore, CCSA’s research  department conducts a broad array of studies to address issues related to early care and education.

In addition to county and statewide workforce assessments, CCSA has conducted research and produced reports profiling such topics as child care system issues, subsidy, careers in early childhood, child care fees and after school care. These studies provide important information to policy makers in our state government and in local communities.

To encourage the use and easy accessibility of data on the early care and education system, its users and providers, CCSA has also created the North Carolina Early Care and Education Data Repository. This tool allows users to find ECE data gathered from multiple data sources in one place. Users can find data at the county, region and state levels and can use pre-formatted fact sheets on various topics or can download spreadsheets of data.

Most of the information collected by CCSA’s research staff comes from surveys mailed to ECE providers or families who use ECE programs. Additional information comes from state and national databases.

All research conducted by CCSA is paid for by contracts between a private or public agency requesting the information and CCSA. Example funders include, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education, IAEYC, NMAEYC and the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Information from CCSA studies and reports may not be used without full attribution of CCSA as the source of the information. Full attribution means footnoting every number and quote, not just listing CCSA among the references. All of CCSA’s reports are protected through copyrights with the U.S. government.

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