Technical Assistance for Early Childhood & School Age Programs


New Infant & Toddler Technical Assistance Model Pilot Project for N. C. Child Care Agencies

Technical Assistance for Early Childhood & School Age Programs

ta helpThe quality of early care and education a young child receives has been shown to dramatically impact his or her social, emotional, physical and intellectual development, and ultimately success in school and life. CCSA provides support to child care centers and family child care homes as they work to improve program practices and standards in an effort to increase or maintain higher star-ratings.

What are the foundational beliefs of CCSA’s Technical Assistance (TA)?

We recognize the individual needs and goals of child care programs and tailor our services to meet the unique aspects of each site. We use a partnership approach to program change by building strong working relationships with our providers. We are committed to using research based teaching practices to improve early education settings. We also believe that sustained program quality requires ongoing professional development and seek to connect early childhood professionals with resources to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Why Enroll in TA?

  • Achieve the highest quality care and education for children
  • Explore developmentally appropriate practices
  • Focus on teaching and learning
  • Access a team of early childhood experts
  • Support your teachers and program staff members
  • Improve communication skills to work with families
  • Create the environment for early learning
  • Successfully navigate the NC Quality Rated License and achieve 5 stars and beyond!

Technical Assistance includes:

  • Professional development planning
  • On-site consultation, teacher coaching and classroom demonstration
  • Access to a variety of early childhood resources
  • Assistance with national accreditation
  • Assistance with assessment tools (i.e. environment rating scales)
  • On-site, individualized training
  • Help with curriculum planning and implementation
  • Assistance with classroom enhancement and design (includes indoor and outdoor learning environments)

What does it cost?

Your time and commitment to quality improvement is the only cost. This is a free service. TA services are funded through a variety of sources which include the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, Durham’s Partnership for Children, Orange County Partnership for Young Children, and United Way of the Greater Triangle.

Is your program eligible?

Yes, if you:

  • Are located in Durham, Orange or Wake County
  • Serve children 6 weeks to 12 years old
  • Are currently licensed or plan to get licensed through the North Carolina Rated License

Technical Assistance Interest Applications:

Durham County TA Application
Durham County TA Application Demographics

Orange County TA Application
Orange County TA Application Demographics

Wake County TA Application
Wake County TA Application Demographics

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Partnership. A real TA Story

“As a Technical Assistance Specialist I want to partner with child care providers and support their work. Every program has the ability to provide children with the best learning experience, but may need support and resources. I spend time working with providers to get to know their needs and we develop an individualized plan.

One 2-star family child care home recently wanted to work on improvements but was terrified of going through the Environmental Rating Scales. It took may months of encouraging. We got her connected with a T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® scholarship. We helped her understand developmentally appropriate practices and discussed her classroom and her own schoolwork. She qualified for a grant to purchase materials and we did some room arrangement to enhance the environment. The parents noticed the changes and were giving more positive feedback.

When she got her score from the Environment Rating Scales assessment, I was so proud. She moved from a 2-star to a 4-star license. She is continuing to go to school and will soon be a 5-star program.

TA Specialists are the bridge between the different components of child care. We’re resources. What we don’t know we’ll figure out together -working in partnership.”

– Beverly Williams, TA Specialist

What are directors saying about TA services:

  • “Support from a CCSA TA Specialist was the best thing that could have happened…she was there for me.” – Owner of Little Dreamers Home Day Care in Raleigh
  • “The TA Specialist’s experience was invaluable for our staff and her approach meshed so well with everyone. I found her very knowledgeable and appreciated that she kept communication open, worked with each teacher individually to meet their needs, and demonstrated respect for all.” – Head Start Education Coordinator in Orange County
  • “I couldn’t have achieved NAEYC Accreditation without the CCSA TA Accreditation Specialist. I don’t feel personally that is a goal I would have been able to obtain for myself or my staff if I hadn’t had the help from Child Care Services.” – Director of Preston Academy in Cary
  • “Through TA services I understand more of why age appropriate toys, books, proper training, language is important to the development of the children in my care. In preparation for the scales this year my TA ensured that I had the appropriate materials and practices to continue having a quality childcare program.’ – Owner of Kyra’s Place Home Away from Home in Durham
  • “The Technical Assistance Program provides an invaluable resource to center directors like me who are relatively isolated in our schools. To have our TA’s fresh eyes, new ideas, and attention to detail required by the scales and DCDEE, helped me to maintain a 5 star and renewed our entire staff’s commitment to providing the highest possible quality care for young children.” – Director of Lakewood Ave in Durham

Technical Assistance services are supported by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education, with additional support from Durham’s Partnership for Children – a Smart Start Initiative, Orange County Partnership for Young Children, United Way of the Greater Triangle, and Wake County Smart Start.