Finding Child Care

COVID-19 NC Child Care Update

NOTICE:  Temporary Changes to Child Care Referral Central’s Services During COVID-19 Pandemic


Our staff members are part of the team of NC Child Care Resource and Referral Specialists who are operating the statewide child care referral hotline.  If you are a family needing referral support from the hotline, please call 1-888-600-1685. If you need other information or support or are a prior referral client needing additional/follow-up services, please call 1-855-327-5933 or email us (, and we will respond as soon as possible.  

Choosing the best child care for your child can be a difficult decision – there are so many things to consider. Child Care Referral Central can help make your decision easier. When you call Child Care Referral Central, a child care referral counselor will provide you information about the types of child care in your community, the features of quality child care, and referrals to child care programs that can meet your needs and the needs of your child. Using the industry-standard software NACCRRAware, your counselor will enter information about what you are looking for and conduct a custom search for you, finding matches to child care programs that fit your unique needs. Child Care Referral Central refers only to legally operating, licensed child care programs and programs/camps for school-age children and has data on high-quality programs in Alamance, Caswell, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Orange, Person, Vance and Wake counties.

Child Care Referral Central offers three, free and convenient ways to obtain referrals to child care programs in your area:

  • Search online through Child Care Referral Central’s Online Referral system, available 24-7.
  • Call us toll-free at 855-EARLY-ED (855-327-5933) to speak with a child care referral counselor. Spanish-speaking counselors are available!
  • E-mail us at to request that a child care referral counselor contact you.

Choosing Child Care Webinar

Interested in learning more about child care? Click on the image below to listen to Child Care Referral Central’s webinar on Choosing Quality Child Care.

During the session you will learn about:

  • What steps to take during your child care search
  • North Carolina licensing regulations for child care programs
  • What quality child care looks like
  • Different financial assistance resources for help paying for child care
  • How to access other community resources that are available to support your family
  • How Child Care Services Association can help you during your child care search

This webinar is brought to you through the financial support of Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Child Care Referral Central’s Referral Policies

  • Disclaimer Policy: Child Care Referral Central does not recommend nor endorse any child care program or provider, and offers information to the community without regard to the age, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, affectional orientation or disability of the service provider or the person seeking information. Counselors do not recommend programs to parents but rather, provide them with referrals so parents are empowered to make their own decisions regarding the best care for their children.
  • Confidentiality Policy: Child Care Central is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all clients’ personal information and records. All information shared with Child Care Referral Central is kept confidential and is used only to help families find the best care to meet families’ needs.
  • Fee Policy: Child Care Referral Central provides services to clients in a manner that makes them accessible and affordable to all families, regardless of income level. In keeping with this belief, referral services are offered at no charge to families.

Who should clients talk to if they have a complaint about Child Care Referral Central staff or referrals? If the complaint is about a referral counselor, or information provided by Child Care Referral Central, the client should ask to speak to the counselor’s supervisor. If the complaint is about the supervisor or the client feels that the supervisor’s response was inadequate, the client should call CCSA’s Director of Family Support at 919-403-6950.

How should clients express concern about CCSA’s referral policies? Clients concerned with any of Child Care Referral Central‘s referral policies should express those concerns in writing to the vice president of CCSA’s Child Care Resource & Referral Division. A written response addressing the concern will be sent to the client within ten business days.

CCSA’s Family Support Department values the trust our families and communities place in us to support them in meeting their child care needs. The welfare of each of the parents and children we serve is equally important to us. We want to reassure you that citizenship is not used as criteria for any of CCSA’s services, and we always endeavor to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all clients who receive service from us.

El departamento de apoyo familiar de CCSA valora la confianza que las familias y la comunidad ponen en nosotros para apoyarlos en sus necesidades de cuidado infantil. El bienestar de cada uno de los padres y niños a los que servimos son de suma importancia para nosotros.  Queremos reasegurarles que su estado migratorio no es considerado como criterio para ninguno de los servicios de CCSA y que nosotros siempre nos esforzamos para asegurar la privacidad y protección de la información de todas las familias y personas que usen nuestros servicios.  

Services supported by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education.

Additional support for services in the Triangle provided by Durham County Government, Durham's Partnership for Children - a Smart Start Initiative, the Town of Cary, United Way of the Greater Triangle, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.