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Infant-Toddler Educator AWARD$® is an evidence-informed, outcome-driven initiative designed to better compensate and retain well-educated teachers and family child care educators working with our youngest children. Education-based salary supplements tied to the successful completion of commitment periods in the same child care program result in a more stable, better-educated workforce.

Young children need stable and engaging relationships with the adults in their lives for successful growth and development.  Participants, coworkers, employers, children, families and the community at large all benefit when educators are more fairly compensated. Thanks to funding from the Division of Child Development and Early Education, AWARD$ is making a difference across the state. Please see below for results from the first year of AWARD$.  

Infant-Toddler Educator AWARD$® Annual Report (FY20)

Infant-Toddler Educator AWARD$® Annual Report (FY19)

Infant-Toddler Educator AWARD$®: Statewide Full Report (FY19)