The Child Care WAGE$® Program is offered throughout North Carolina as a funding collaboration between local Smart Start partnerships and the Division of Child Development and Early Education. Counties that use Smart Start funding to support the Child Care WAGE$® Program may participate.

More than half of North Carolina’s counties currently participate and, on behalf of recipients, WAGE$ thanks the partnerships who support the workforce through this program. Other partnerships can join at any time and WAGE$ invites questions from those interested.

Child Care WAGE$® Program: An Evidence-Informed Initiative
Child Care WAGE$® Program: NC Smart Start Contract Activity Description
Child Care WAGE$® Program: NC Fact Sheet
Child Care WAGE$® Program: NC Salary Supplement Levels
Child Care WAGE$® Program: Map of Participating NC Counties
Child Care WAGE$® Program: NC Statewide Logic Model
Child Care WAGE$® Program: Compensation Matters
Child Care WAGE$® Program: Busting the Myths, Volume 1
Child Care WAGE$® Program: Busting the Myths, Volume 2

The T.E.A.C.H National Center has released this very helpful fact sheet about compensation.
Better Compensation: The Key to an Educated and Committed Early Childhood Workforce

“Thank you for seeing how important quality child care is and for providing us, the workers, with this supplement. Without it, many good teachers wouldn’t be in child care and many children wouldn’t be able to have a high quality child care experience. This supplement is so appreciated.” (participating teacher)

“I think the supplement is the best thing ever! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because the supplement has been an inspiration to me and others to stay in this field and to keep helping children in our community.” (participating teacher)